Popular Brands You Never Knew Were Malaysian

Posted by webadmin on Monday 11 March 2019

Jimmy Choo



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Jimmy Choo is another local brand that became a global name after it found success overseas. The founder of Jimmy Choo IS Jimmy Choo, a Penang born Malaysian who learned shoemaking from his father. He stayed on in England after his studies and his talent soon attracted the attention of Vogue, who began featuring his designs in their magazine.

Renowned for their ultra luxe shoes and chic accessories with phenomenal Italian craftsmanship, Jimmy Choo designs are worn by the likes of Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Madonna and desired by every girl who watches Sex and the City.





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"Hold on, isn't Bonia Italian?" Ahh, but the best secrets are never obviously secrets. I’ve seen bags stamped with Bonia logos in several departmental stores in Malaysia but never once suspected it’s a bona fide Malaysian brand under Bonia Corporation Berhad.




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Now sold in over 20 countries, worldwide distribution of Lingam's chilli sauce includes the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Chile, Ukraine, Singapore and South Africa.